Sunday, 4 May 2014

Love Every Body #6 -BUMS!

Now this one is really easy for me - I have never had an issue with my bum whether size 8 or 18 because 99% of the time I can't see it - I can ignore it completely lol - I've now got that Sisters of Mercy song in my head! Recently a friend said to me in shock "Rhonda your ass has disappeared!!" Really? It has always been invisible to me lol!!!....but it has always made a comfy cushion to sit on....nothing bad to say about my bum - post where I haven't moaned at all, this is a first!!!!!


  1. I agree, I can't see it so don't care about it!! At least it's comfy to sit on.

  2. Mine is impossible to ignore! It makes buying clothes so difficult. Hah. I'm glad that you're comfortable with your bum.

  3. Same here really - it's behind me so unless I bend over in front of a mirror, it's just a thing that fills my clothes out. And knocks things over, hahaha. x x