Sunday, 6 April 2014

Love EVERY Body #5: Stomach/waist

Assignment #5 - Stomach/waist. How do you feel about your stomach/tummy? Maybe it bears the marks of carrying a child. Maybe it looks different than it did years ago. Maybe an operation scar has changed the way you feel about it?

 Oh dear, the idea of this assignment filled me with dread at the start of this journey...but thanks to all you wonderful ladies' past posts and positivity, I think I can post a bit more positively this month than I ever thought I could! I know I am the position of having slimmed down to a size 10/12 these days, and some folk may say, what has she got to be worried about? When I was larger it really ticked me off when anyone my size moaned at all about anything to do with their body!!!! BUT I have yo-yoed all my llfe from size 8 up to a 18/20 and my 'jelly belly' has always been an issue even when at my smallest. 

I look fine now with clothes on, but remove the clothes and oh dear...I've had my appendix out, I've had an ovary removed with a dermoid cyst...I've got  terrible stretchmarks (an 8lbs 6oz and a 10lbs baby ffs!!!) so my belly is quite scarred and always that little bit saggy and wobbly....I suffer from IBS so even at a size 10 I have days where I constantly feel and am aware of my belly as it feels bloated and uncomfortable and shouts for attention....I've dropped weight quickly at times and when I do the skin there just wrinkles up and hangs, it doesn't spring back nice and tight, oh no, in fact it looks a lot better down there when I am larger to be honest. My belly will never be lovely and scarless and flat....ever again! 

I've had friends and boyfriends make jokey and not so jokey comments about my jelly belly, which got to me in the past, but well, it is part of me now and I have to accept it....I've been terribly insecure in the past about my body and that insecurity has caused problems in past relationships (particularly my last one, which I really regret) but I've come to realise that my belly is part of me and we are stuck with each other - there are a lot worse things in life I could worry about than a bit of a wobbly tum and some scars and anyone I go out with in future had better love it too :)

An overabundance of tiger stripes and possibly the most stooopid looking belly button on the planet!!!...I can make it do a smiley face though hahaha :)