Saturday, 1 March 2014

Love EVERY Body #4 - Chest/boobs
[March 2014 Assignment #4 - Chest/boobs. Are you happy with your chest/boobs? Maybe you've had surgery (mastectomy/boob job.) Maybe you feel your boobs are too big or too small, or less than perky from breast feeding, but they're perfect as they are.] Posting a little early as away on Sunday :)

My mother has ample bosoms, not huge, but certainly not small. As a litle girl I can remember being smothered in my granny's bosom when she gave me what happened with me???
My friend sat a few pews away from us in church. She was one of the first girls in my class to sprout boobs and we were all in awe of her. She filled a proper bra long before I even started to have the slightest bumps appear! Suddenly the boys in class were flocking around her! One Sunday in church I saw my mother looking over at my friend a lot...then she leant over to me and said in a loud whisper "I am praying to God that you do not grow breasts like Sharon's"!!!! So there you have it folks my little fried egg breasticles are the miraculous result of the power of my mother's prayers to save me from the wicked intentions of men lol!
February 2014: (padded bra!) This is me being very brave as I very rarely go 'topless' these days!!!

I used to hate my boobs and I never used to feel very feminine with such small breasts.In my time I have invested in umpteen push-up and padded bras. I loved it when I was pregnant and my boobs swelled up, but being pregnant doesn't really last that long and keeping producing babies just to have bigger boobies isn't really a solution lol! When I put on weight they gain a little bit in size but not much and when I lose weight they seem to shrink disproportionately and are the first thing to go! Most of my boyfriends have been OK with them, except one or two who have made jokes, which while I smiled and laughed along, cut me up inside at the time. Now I have got a lot of my confidence back, I woudn't go along with that kind of joke just to please someone - go me lol!
Years and years ago at Marilyn Manson concert - me with a heavily padded bra (not that it did much good!) - I tried to pad a lot in those days as I was seeing one of the guys who made a big joke of my small breasticles, but I still never had a very noticeable cleavage! (with the lovely Lisa).

These days though, I don't really mind them at all. As I have got older they are one part of me that hasn't started to sag YET, well, how could they sag when there is so little there hehe! They have never given me a sore back. They have never got in the way when I've tried to do stuff. They have never drawn the attention of guys who initially drool over a woman because of their boobies. I've never really had a conversation with a guy who was obviously distracted by my breasts as they are very much a distraction free zone lol! SO, overall feel quite positive about my boobies. If someone likes them, well that is grand, but if they don't, hmmm, shrugs, I just don't care anymore, I'm OK with them :-)!
A few years back when I was a bit thinner - with no bra padding, they were itsy bitsy lol!!!


  1. Your mum praying for small boobs for you is hilarious! There are advantages and disadvantages for all sizes of boobs. For example I have to zip up a coat looking in the mirror as I can't see below my boobs! It's a pain in the arse. ;)

    No man has the right to make you feel less than because your boobs aren't what they want them to be! That's so arrogant and so ... male! We don't exist to be their bloody inflatable pillows. If a man is into you he should love all of you or else he's just a giant twerp. I'm glad you're feeling like you can tell cheeky sods to feck off now.

    Your boobs look perfectly in proportion with the rest of you. Go Rhonda's boobs! x x

  2. I think Leah has said it all! great post x

  3. Yup Leah has said it fantastically! The mum bit did make me cackle too. I understand what it is to have religious Northern Irish mothers (and indeed grandmothers), lol.

    You have an awesome figure! I've always thought so. Your body will go on looking amazing years after i'm warming my knees with my boobs.

    Like Leah said, you're perfectly in proportion and I know the envy of a lot of curvier ladies. You can wear what you want without looking obscene and can partake in a lot of physical pursuits without hurting yourself, lol.

    Fuck the men who have made jokes. That's just cruel and heartless. It would lead me to believe you made 'them' feel inferior, not purposefully of course, but they probably were intimidated by you and were trying to bring you down. Arseholes! xxx

  4. What Leah said!

    You have a fab figure, and look fantastic, And your mum praying for you to have small boobs is rather funny!

    I'm sorry those idiots tried to put you down, but at least you know you are strong enough now not to put up with it. Can you imagine how they would have felt if you commented on their penis size?!

  5. Had to laugh at the comment from your mum, and good for standing up for yourself now :)

  6. That swimsuit boutique photo cracked me up.

    I think you're very well proportioned. Who cares what your bra size is, your boobs are well proportioned to the rest of you, not flat!

    Also your post made me laugh quite a bit. The comment about your mother affecting your boobs is hilarious!

  7. Hah! The comment from your mom is pretty funny. And I think your boobs perfectly fit your body size and shape. :) I'm also smaller chested and I love being able to go braless! :D

  8. You should have asked your mom to pray for the lottery numbers!!! Hahahaha

  9. i think your breasts look just fine! nice pic brave lady!