Monday, 3 February 2014

Love EVERY Body #3: Shoulders, arms and hands

This post is an assignment for part of the Love EVERY Body positivity workshop group I have joined.
I thought No. 3 would be boobies, so was surprised to see shoulders, arms and hands! I was bracing myself for revealing selfies of my little fried egg boobies lol!  I'd never really thought much about these bits to be honest - except when I couldn't use them - and then when they were OK again it's just like, OK, they are there, not gonna give them a second thought.

I think a lot of folk worry about bingo wings, but that has never bothered me even when I have been at my biggest, I just never really worried about that. Poor neglected arms lol!

I like to give hugs with my arms, and my son liked them big - he didn't want them to get skinny as he liked BIG squishy hugs - but he is grown up now and I have noone to hug at the minute. Maybe someday again - I miss hugs!

My hands are stupidly hoooooge though! Really they have probably been bigger than the hands of every bloke I have ever gone out with. I have long, pianists fingers, which meant I could cover quite a range when I used to play piano. That is until I broke my wrist. I am left handed and clumsy and needless to say I have broken myself often!!!! I prbably should have painted my nails for the picture, or at least cleaned them up, but well, on a day to day basis this is what they are like so the pic is more honest!

\m/ I use my hands at every opportunity to give the horns lol!!! RAWK!!!!!! \m/ - see what I mean about the big fingers!!!!!!

This break was in the middle of a dance floor, with only one other person dancing....not very dignified but then I never really am! After it healed up I couldn't cover quite as many notes any more, but that  is not a biggie as I didn't play much anyway. It did cramp my party piece though, as I used to be able to touch the back of my arm with my thumb, still can with my right hand, but no longer the left. I have memories of spending the Summer in Uni halls instead of going home with my broken wrist (my Mum sold my car 'cos of that but that is a different story!), and having to wander round the campus trying to find someone who could help me open my jars of spaghettii sauce etc. I hated it. I felt so pathetic!
I am really independent and it is scarey how such a small thing can limit what you can actually do! I've never had great strength in that arm since that break, and I can tell the weather with my mystic wrist - it still gets achey when it is getting colder, but then so do all the other bits I have broken lol!

My shoulders, hmmm....I actually like them. I have big bones, so not very feminine and delicate - but I like being this way. My skin is a bit spotty at the minute, which I don't like so much, but it tends to get like this in the winter. I can live with the fact I know it will clear come the springtime.

I have a tattoo on my shoulder - I don't like it. It was rash, badly done and a mistake but I've kinda grown used to it. I still hide it from my folks but in general I'm resigned to it. When I get more pennies gathered together I'm going to either get it touched up, or hide it in something bigger. For now I'm stuck with it!

I broke myself last summer (see a theme emerging here!) and cracked my breastbone as well as breaking a rib, and my nose....don't ask, just don't ask!!!! It took months to heal up and my arms couldn't even lift a kettle for a while, it hurt so badly. I was trying to get fitter before I had my accident, and after my rib healed I still couldn't go to the gym and do stuff like rowing because of the breastbone thing. I wanted to get back into archery but I didn't have the strength to pull the bow and it bleddy hurt anyways! This really restricted what I could do. I like to get out and do stuff - I get miserable if I am sat doing nothing for long periods of time and for months I just hurt too damn much to do anything involving lifting with my really, really got me down. Even breathing hurt like Billy-o every day for at least six weeks. So yeah kiddies, take care and look after yourself, these bits may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but man do they cause havoc with all those daily take for granted things when they don't work!!!!


  1. Ouchies to all those accidents. Your body has done a good job of repairing you all these times. Your shoulders are really graceful and lovely. Yay for big fingers to make some serious horns! \m/ \m/ Lol at the mystic wrist! Isn't glucosamine supposed to be good for bones? Would that be any use in staving off the aches and pains? Hopefully spring will be here soon and the warmth will do your bones some good. x x

  2. LOL can relate to being accident prone.... up until this love your body thing, I had never given my shoulders, and arms any thought :)

  3. Good gawd mrs!! I didn't know about all these breaks. I can relate to how bad it is when you break or injure something and can do bugger all. It makes you appreciate all the more what you can do when you are better.

    You have a very elegant shape and lovely shoulders. I never noticed you had big hands. Maybe it's a northern Ireland thing? I would love long pianist fingers and long nails like you. Very feminine :) x

  4. I love the long nails, they're a lovely shape too! And envy that you can play piano!

    Although Ouch to all the breaks, they sound painful, and you're right it's amazing how much we take our body for granted until we can't do something!

  5. Your shoulders are so graceful an your fingers are elegant! It's amazing how tough our body is. x