Sunday, 5 January 2014

Love EVERY Body #2...from the neck up! Yikes!

This post is an assignment for part of the Love EVERY Body positivity workshop group I have joined.
Ummmm, this could be short! What do I like about me from the neck up???? Ummm, ummm, *tumbleweed* lol!!!!

(left pic) I took this picture first thing in the morning recently when I had just dragged myself out of bed. NO makeup or grooming...I've been quite stressed recently as had to find a house just before Christmas as my landlord wants this one heaps to get sorted and not sleeping well yada yada. I look old, washed out and just completely...blaaaaahhhh!!!!! I have NOTHING good to say about this at the minute, zilch. zero!!!! Once I have moved, and settled in and start sleeping again, I may take another, and have something positive to say!

(right pic) What I'd rather look like all the time is this, minus the duck pout lol! But this pic is very fake and I am not the kind of person who has the patience to sit and spend hours and hours on doing make up just so! When I do make an effort, I normally look more like this, (pic below) isn't it amazing what a bit of slap can do!!!! I like my eyes, and that's about it, even though they are getting a bit wrinkly now. I'm old, it's allowed ;-)!:

Oooookay! Apart from looks,  I guess I like that I can pick things up really easily with this old brain of mine! I may be starting to get a bit forgetful in my middle age, and I do the odd random dipshit stupid things from time to time, but the grey cells mostly still work fine. In the past I was guilty of hiding my cleverness and dumbing down, since I got isolated at school because of it - oh Rhonda got an A again, Rhonda got top of the class - even one teacher excluded me from doing the weekly spelling tests at primary school because I won too many times - she said it wasn't fair on others!!! 
 I learned that people didn't like clever folk too much at times, so started to hide it from others. The thing is I never really worked that hard and just kinda cruised through, and folk particularly don't like that when they work really hard at stuff and don't do so well. I have an MA Honours degree as well as a Postgraduate degree, but I don't tell many folk, until I really get to know them. It shouldn't matter. I don't care whether someone has left school with no qualifications or whatever, it is the person who counts - are they nice, are they an asshole? - but it does seem to matter to a lot of people and it shouldn't. But yeah, I have academic smarts, even if I don't have bloke and street smarts lol!!!  

Looking forward to seeing what others doing this challenge have to say!