Thursday, 5 December 2013


I was clearing out some documents from my computer tonight and came across the following stuff I wrote in 2009/10ish - who was this person? I need to get back to being her!!!! This is what I found:

I got this idea from a blog Lisa did and like her I loved the thought of actually being positive for a change rather than always being down on ourselves like most of us can be too much of the time.

The idea is to think of 50 things we like or appreciate about ourselves, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. We don’t look to our good points often enough and are always concentrating on the bad.

I am not bragging…just reminding myself that in there, under the self doubts I have had in the past few months, (or rather years LOL!) there are some positive things to be said…So here are mine and I welcome you to do the same

1. I have some amazing friends…they mean so much to me and have made my life sparkle when it has been at its darkest!

2. I can find fun in the smallest of things...I enjoy the silly bits of life!

3. I have a well developed sense of curiosity which usually makes life interesting.

4. Call me a freaky weirdo if you will, but I like to look at the world with a different slant which makes it more interesting on a day to day basis than just taking reality at face value - boring!

5. I have nearly perfected the art of F**k it – just a few wobbly moments now and then but they pass and back to F**K IT!!!!

6. I am a very independent kind of a girl…just as well as I’ve been let down by blokes too often…

7. I am starting to realise that really, if you don’t have time for me, F**K IT then I don’t need you in my life, your loss…

8. I don’t have a perfect figure…stretch marks, blobby bits, yes, but F**K it I don’t care anymore…I am just me!

9. I can do silly, stupid things in life but I am academic clever…something I used to hide from folk when I was younger…

10. I generally pick stuff up easily…I don’t always have to work hard at things to understand them, unless they involve numbers…

11. I have brought up two amazing kids, who I am damn proud of, virtually single handed.

12. My daughter’s friends think I am cool and have said they would like a Mum like me…even though that embarrasses her LOL!

13. I asked my daughter what she likes about me and she said I was pretty and a nice and kind person…and I didn’t pay her any money to say it! I think she needs glasses BUT like that she thinks that, because we do disagree and argue a lot!!!!

14. I asked my son and he said I was a really funny person and had an aura of niceness that surrounded me :O)…I like that he thinks that….and he also was not paid LOL…although I had just promised him tickets to an event in Birmingham that he wanted to go to!

15. I don’t always have a lot of money to spare but I am good at spreading it out!

16. I don’t always have a lot of money to spare but I am generous to others with what I have…

17. I like to pay my way…

18. I put my kids first – some blokes may find that difficult but tough, if they can’t then F**K IT.

19. Although I have been through some tough times, I have an inner strength which has surprised me at times and got me through the rough bits.

20. I don’t bail when the going gets tough. I would NEVER abandon anyone I cared about when they were having a tough time…

21. I have the maturity to forgive and forget and move on in life without holding grudges…

22. I am fiercely loyal to those I love.

23. I am a good friend…I will be there 100% for those I care about.

24. When I say I love you, I always mean it 100%

25. I try to be honest in my relationships.

26. I think about other people’s feelings: I treat them like I would like to be treated.

27. I am a good listener.

28. I can tile!

29. I can wallpaper!

30. I can roll my tongue!

31. I like my tattoo and am going to get more soon. (I have since got another one ;-)!)

32. I would never knowingly hurt someone out of vindictiveness.

33. I am nearly 40 but I am fitter now than when I was younger. (44 now, not quite so fit!)

34. I am not easily swayed by other people’s opinions…although sometimes they can confuse me…I generally like to take time out and make up my own mind…

35. I am a cheap date!

36. I have interesting dreams!

37. I am a very honest person…e.g. if I get too much change I will give it back to the cashier…

38. I am bluddy good at my job…libraries may bore the pants off some folk but I have done good to get where I am today.

39. I like to make a difference to people and go out of my way to help many of my customers.

40. I like to learn new skills.

41. If I am doing something I like to do it well…a bit of a perfectionist but that isn’t always a bad thing.

42. I can touch my arm with my bent back thumb!

43. I am very open minded and getting more so with age.

44. The last thing anyone could call me is a snob!

45. I can make a smiley face with my belly LOL!

46. I have silly pants and I am not afraid to wear them LOL!

47. I have silly socks and I am not afraid to wear them LOL!

48. I can’t sing…but that is maybe a good thing as it provides amusement to others when I do try!

49. I don’t waste my free time watching a lot of old pooh on the TV!

50. I like my own company…OK it would be nice to have that special someone to share things with, but hey, I am quite good company so F**K IT!



  1. I heartily concur. Most things = FUCK IT. x x

  2. Fuck it is most definitely the way forward. Loved your list. Number 35 made me giggle xx